H1Z1 Vs Fortnite Review

The gaming industry is drastically evolving and giving gamers a superb gaming experience. This mostly applies to the battle royale game. H1z1 and Fortnite battle royale games have a lot of followers since they were launched in the market.  These games are associated with a splendid gamer’s experience. Today, we are going to focus our attention on Fortnite and H1Z1. We aim at perfectly understanding these two games. Game Hacker Hideout intends to cover three things in each review, namely the game play, features and performance.

There must be critics behind the success of any game.

H1Z1 review

This game has gained widespread acceptance within a short period, despite some people criticizing its animation graphics. This game is epic game is worth checking out if you are looking for constant action. This game revolves around zombies and other dangers such as fellow players and predators like bears. The Game Hacker Hideout H1z1 ESP has become famous for two main things, namely its animation graphics and the fact that it suits different kind of gamers.

Some gamers love constant actions, whereas others are looking for adventure.


H1Z1 gives gamers a wide range of choices to choose from. This is the location to kick off action with and whether to fight with another player or not. H1Z1 animation graphics are perfect for gamers who love animation. The game is thrilling when zombies jump from one building structure to another. Lastly, this epic game performs splendid unless when attacked by bugs. This affects the performance of the game.

Fortnite Review

Fortnite battle royale game is one of the few epic games that efficiently compete for gamers and ratings. Fortnite is an action game based on a Japanese film and novel. It is enhanced in terms of game play. You must do everything in your power not to be killed. This game is quite aggressive when compared to H1Z1 which a person has an option of refraining to fight. Different aspects of this game have been enhanced when compared to other epic games. This is in terms of weapons, vehicles and the general graphics.

The theme of this game is to remain the last man standing.

Fortnite battle royale game doesn’t disappoint when it comes to graphics. It is characterized with cartoony and colorful graphics. This makes the game look a bit realistic and enhanced when playing. Fortnite has been ranked among the best epic games in the market worth checking out because of its enhanced graphics.

The weapons and cars in this game are modernized. These features make the game feels a bit realistic. That’s not all; a gamer can collect different kinds of materials to build bridges, stairs and walls. Additionally, a gamer can collect healing portions when injured during a shootout or use the Game Hacker Hideout Fortnite Hack. The healing portion boosts a person’s health and reduces the possibility of a gamer dying.

There is no doubt Fortnite battle royale and H1Z1 games are top notch epic games. They both have a splendid game play worth trying out. Furthermore, it can comfortably support different kind of people. Check them out and choose the  game that meets your needs.


The Mass Effect Review

The Mass Effect Story – The game takes place in the year 2183. The story is built on the real idea in physical cosmology today called dark energy (or mass effect, hence the game title). Scientists used to think that our ever-expanding universe was being slowed down by gravity, but recently we discovered that the expansion of the universe is actually accelerating.

The game assumes that humankind will not only better understand this concept in the future but we will learn to use it to travel through the universe faster than light.

You will have an entire galaxy to explore through missions and free roam using the technological marvel of space travel that has been entrusted to you, The Normandy. The plot pivots on the cyclical destruction of the galaxy(every 50,000 years)by a machine race. You and your hand-selected team represent humanity; your mission is (as in all sci-fi adventures) to save the galaxy. Combat will be part of your method, but so will politics, communications and biotics (your ability to manipulate the mass effect).

Commader Shepard and other characters Commander Shepard is the protaganist in Mass Effect and comes customizable in more ways than we have seen in an RPG before. The screenshots and video reveal the game’s “stock” Commander Shepard but you can manipulate his or her appearance right down to the eye color and head circumference – nothing new, right? Well, here’s something that is: the gamer also determines Shepard’s history (where he did military service, hometown, etcetera), his areas of specialization, and his morality.

The last one there is important and will be determined throughout the game mostly through interactions and tactical battling maneuvers. Bioware states it will affect not only the outcome of this game but the outcome of the whole trilogy (yep, trilogy) that Microsoft and Bioware both say will span the 5+ year life of the 360.

The story will continue through episodic content available on Xbox Live in between release dates but gamers will also be able to free roam the Milky Way and make new discoveries after finishing the story line in-game.

Gameplay Bioware wants the gamer to know that Mass Effect is primarily an RPG before it is anything else. That said, their is real-time combat and a significant stragegy element to this game that should make it very exciting. In combat, you will have the option to choose to play as any of your three team members and to give precise orders to the other two. You can change who you are at any point during combat and you can give your squadmates orders from your controllers directional pad or a highly intensive pull down menu.

Extras Gamers should note that the interaction sequences between Shepard and the other alien races will be more cinematic in quality because of the new system of interaction that Mass Effect will bring us. Prior to the interactions beginning, the gamer will be able to choose the interactive posture she/he wants shepard to take with the character. Then, the dialogue will unfold naturally based on that simple command. It should provide a smoother and more immersive experience.